Training the shoulder in climbers

Annelies Maenhout, From Practice

In recent years, climbing has experienced a large increase in popularity as a sport. As more people have started climbing, so have injury rates grown. Shoulder injuries make up about 17% of all rock climbing injuries, and chronic pain has been reported in 33% of elite climbers. Interesting enough to think about how to prevent […]

November 22, 2019

Case presentation poster on professional golfer with yips

Annelies Maenhout, From Practice

This golfer presented with very frutstrating dystonia that developed post shouder surgery in pro-supination movement. The main treatment component was motor control training. Starting point was “what is possible without dystonia?”. High speed pro-supination motion and highly loaded pro-supination motion were free of tremor. The problem only occurred in slow, unloaded movements so this determined […]

February 18, 2019