Take Home messages from #Sportfisio Symposium 2019 Bern, Switzerland

Ann Cools, Events / Monday, December 9th, 2019

On November 22 2019, the city of Bern hosted the #Sportfisio2019 symposium for its 17th edition, with main topic “The shoulder in sports”. Organizers @SportfisioSwiss gathered a team of international speakers and more than 500 delegates for this one-day event. Below some take home messages from each of the speakers:

Merete Möller (Denmark, Norway, @Merete_Moller) on injury prevention:

Get all people (players, coaches, physios, parents) involved in risk management, engage the whole community, make injury prevention programs feasible and enjoyable, and focus on the youth.

Jeremy Lewis (UK, @JeremyLewisPT) on rotator cuff related shoulder pain:

“I can’t fix you!”. Patients should be informed about their own responsibility in the management of their musculoskeletal disorders.

Nirmana Perera (UK, @Nim_Perera):

Social Media #SoMe can be very powerful in disseminating research data, as long as you use them well.

Ann Cools (Belgium,@anncools4):

Focus on training the eccentric deceleration capacity of the posterior cuff in injury prevention and rehabilitation, rather than stretching the posterior shoulder: address the cause, not the consequence.

Suzanne Gard (Switzerland, @SuzanneGard):

There are no good, bad or ugly muscles, all are equally important, and you can’t train one without the other. Keep the whole picture in mind.

Martin Asker (Sweden, @martinasker)

Guide return to play with a battery of repeated tests rather than one RTP test

Ian Horsley (UK, @backinaction):

Challenge proprioception and movement awareness during performance exercises, e.g. bench press.

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