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  • How to treat long thoracic nerve injury: a case report
    Lena, 29 years old, is a midwife, active in assisting home births. Recently, she assisted a long-term home birth, and stayed in the same position, hanging over a bath with both arms, monitoring the baby’s heartbeat for nearly 3 hours. When coming home after a very tiring working day, she woke up the next morning […]
  • Training the shoulder in climbers
    In recent years, climbing has experienced a large increase in popularity as a sport. As more people have started climbing, so have injury rates grown. Shoulder injuries make up about 17% of all rock climbing injuries, and chronic pain has been reported in 33% of elite climbers. Interesting enough to think about how to prevent […]
  • Questions to ask your patient with chronic shoulder pain
    From the first meeting with our patient we recognize the trouble… “My shoulder pain first started 7 years ago. My first diagnosis was… Stop playing violin was the solution. I did that but after a while the same pain came back even without playing. Then I went for second opinion. This doctor told me it […]
  • Case presentation poster on professional golfer with yips
    This golfer presented with very frutstrating dystonia that developed post shouder surgery in pro-supination movement. The main treatment component was motor control training. Starting point was “what is possible without dystonia?”. High speed pro-supination motion and highly loaded pro-supination motion were free of tremor. The problem only occurred in slow, unloaded movements so this determined […]
  • Changing serve technique in recreational tennis player with subacromial pain
    This 42-year old lady presented with anterior shoulder pain during tennis serve when hitting the ball at full elevation. She started again playing tennis after a 10 year stop, experienced pain but continued untill pain was also present in activities of daily life. She had one corticoid infiltration that reduced pain in ADL but during […]
  • Progression for eccentric external rotation strength training
    Training eccentric external rotator strength is a prominent goal in shoulder rehabilitation. The external rotators need to be able to counter the strong internal rotators during throwing. In training or playing a match, actions like throwing, smashing, serving and so on, will result in strength increase of the internal rotators but not necessarily of the […]