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  • Update from the Eusser congress: “Brain and pain”
    On 13-14th of december 2019 EUSSER held a congress in the Netherlands, focussing on the importance of the brain in pain mechanisms. The congress kicked off with a lecture of Ghent University colleague Iris Coppieters on “Understanding pain”. Her take home messages were: Pain is always a subjective experience that is influenced to varying degrees […]
  • Take Home messages from #Sportfisio Symposium 2019 Bern, Switzerland
    On November 22 2019, the city of Bern hosted the #Sportfisio2019 symposium for its 17th edition, with main topic “The shoulder in sports”. Organizers @SportfisioSwiss gathered a team of international speakers and more than 500 delegates for this one-day event. Below some take home messages from each of the speakers: Merete Möller (Denmark, Norway, @Merete_Moller) […]
  • Dynamic systems theory -Frans Bosch
    Gaining new insights in motor control with Frans Bosch was a professional “life-changing” experience. Going away from analytic stability training to dynamic functional training. There remain challenges to integrate this perspective in current shoulder rehabilitation but boosts the creativity in exercise therapy. To share this boost, we throw a few of the important ideas below. […]
  • Screening tests for the overhead athlete: why, when and how?
    On October 4-5th  2019, sports physiotherapists from all over the world gathered for the 3rd World Congress of Sports Physiotherapists ( A major topic of discussion was the value of screening (ROM, strength, functional tests…) for injury prevention and return to play after injury. The world experts agree that at this moment, there is not […]
  • The world confederation for Physical Therapy Congress: a shoulder update
    From 10 to 13 May 2019, the WCPT congress took place in Geneva, Switzerland. It is one of the largest international congresses for physical therapy with over 170 scientific sessions and 500 new posters presented each day. A lot of information to take in … but let’s guide you through the shoulder related symposia… “If […]
  • Update on the stiff shoulder
    On April 27 2018, TerBrugGen organized a shoulder symposium about the stiff shoulder. Venue of the meeting was a theme park for children (in case you are wondering why there is an image of a gnome inspired hat on the lecture stand). The first part focused on the orthopedic approach with interesting background information on […]
  • Shoulder sharing during the Scandinavian Congress of Sports Medicine in Copenhagen
    From January 30 till February 2nd 2019, more than 850 specialists in Sports Medicine from all over the world gathered in Copenhagen for the Scandinavian Sports Medicine Congress. Five parallel sessions and workshops provided food for everyone’s scientific or clinical hunger and for me as a shoulder-nerd, it was perfectly possible to select the more […]

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